Bible Story Crafts For Kids - Light of the World Kids Craft

By Magriet Du Plessis

Children will enjoy the connection made in this craft between the loving glow of candlelight and the Light that it symbolizes. This is one of the really popular Bible Story Crafts for Kids because it is about God's light and it is reminding the children that they too have this light and to let it shine. Candles aren't always among the easy kids crafts, but this one is an easy to make candle holder. And children will be so proud of making their own lights to shine.

The memory verse from the Sermon on the Mount can be added to the candle as well: "Ye are the light of the world...Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

The "salt of the Earth" from the scripture lesson may also be tied into this craft with the glitter symbolizing the salt. Scripture: Matthew 5

Supplies for each Candle

* Small to medium, wide mouthed jar such as a baby food or salsa jar
* White glitter
* Gift-wrap, tissue paper (assorted colors)
* White craft glue
* Small piece of sponge (around 1/2 to 1 inch square)
* Clothespin
* Tea candle or votive candle (depending on size of jar)
* Ribbon


Cut ribbons for each of the children's candles. Write the memory verse, or the beginning of it "Ye are the Light of the World," on the ribbon where it can be read after tied around the neck of the jar. Set aside, so children can add them after their candles are completed.


1. Tear or cut small pieces of the tissue paper.
2. Since the glue will be used with a decoupage sort of technique, thin it first by mixing in a plastic cup (such as a yogurt container) with a little water.
3. Clip the piece of sponge with a clothespin.
4. Using the "sponge brush," cover the outside of the jar with the thinned glue.
5. Before glue dries, cover this with bits of colored tissue paper. Keep the tissue paper layering thin so that the light shines through well.
6. While the tissue paper is still wet with the glue, roll the jar in a plate of glitter. Salt could be used instead, but in areas of high humidity it may eventually dissolve.
7. Add the candle, light and enjoy. Or send the children home to light the candles with their families.

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